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Turritap: mountain water from the tap

How can the taste of mountain water be so different form tap water? And, can we turn tap water into mountain water again? These questions inspired the development that finally led to the Turritap.

For ten years I, Cees Kamp, researched water “vitalisation” scientifically. This however did not provide conclusive answers. Current scientific understanding cannot (yet) explain many of the special properties of water, including the effects of “vitalisation” and the mentioned difference in taste.

Whirls and vortices
Now, how could the difference between mountain water and tap water be explained? I assume the cause is to be found in the natural movement i.e. the swirls and vortices that so typically characterizes mountain water. Could tap water be re-given this swirl in a natural and precise way? The answer I found in bio-mimicry – where nature functions as both an inspirer and inventor. The key was found in the swirl-like and vortex-shaped channel of a seashell; the Turritella.

From Turritella to Turritap®
The Turritap is based on that geometry. The 23rd prototype meets two key requirements: the effect on taste is exactly what I was looking for and it can be manufactured in materials approved for drinking water. The Turritap is an elegant steel outflow piece (5 cm long) in sleek design that can be attached to your tap at home. The Turritap’s heart is a swirling channel. This channel provides a natural movement for the water that flows through. Hence tap water will become “water with a twist”.

The next step
My conviction that the Turritap enhances the taste and the experience of tap water had been confirmed by a sufficient number of family members, friends and colleagues to take a next step through a “kickstarterproject”. To pre-test the market for interest and added value, I had 200 Turritaps produced in drinking water safe material.

Participants in the “kickstarter” were offered a Turritap at cost price. In exchange they would provide their opinion on the taste (difference) and the design as well as give feedback on other experiences. To this end they filled out two interspersed questionnaires. This project was successfully completed. Therefore, I have confidently taken the step towards large-scale production and sales.  

The positive experiences of the first 200 users and word-of-mouth generate a continuous and growing demand for the Turritap. In 2020 Turritech BV was founded. With this company we are now working towards large-scale production and sales. Furthermore, for reasons of quality and sustainability, the Turritap will have a durable ceramic core, instead of the plastic used in the prototypes. For sales and marketing Turritech cooperates with Dragonfly Water Solutions. Dragonfly is the worldwide distributor of the Turritap. You could have a further look at the Turritap on their website or you can order your Turritap using the button below.

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Nothing varies as much as water and nothing is as unpredictable as its taste and power …... I’d be interested in hearing your experiences and observations.
Warm regards, Cees Kamp MSc

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